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ECOWAS- Madam Finda Koroma discussing with Mr. Angel Losado

ECOWAS- Madam Finda Koroma discussing with Mr. Angel Losado

Abuja, 24th July 2018. The Vice President of the Commission of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), Madam Finda Koroma has proposed that a Memorandum of Understanding between the ECOWAS Commission and the G5 Sahel be signed in the areas of Capacity building, Community Development and Early Warning in order to ensure peace and security in the region.

The Vice President stated this while receiving a delegation from the European Union (EU) led by Mr. Angel Losado, the EU Special Representative for the Sahel on 23rd July, 2018 in Abuja Nigeria in order to discuss cooperation between the two organizations on regional and international initiatives for peace and security in the Sahel.

Members of the ECOWAS Commission's staff in attendance of the meeting

Members of the ECOWAS Commission’s staff in attendance of the meeting

In order to assist the G5 Sahel which comprises of Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger, Mauritania and Chad, achieve its aim of security and development in the Sahel region, the Commissions’ Director for Peacekeeping and Regional Security, Dr. Cyriaque  Agnekethom  stated the need for synergy between the two regional organizations  in order to avoid duplication of activities and projects.

On his part, Mr.Losado reiterated the EU’s commitment to support the G5 Sahel in establishing its structure, building its capacity, executing its development projects and addressing security challenges in the region.

Regarding the security situation in Mali, Madam Koroma assured the EU delegation that the ECOWAS Commission will continue to engage all concerned parties in order to implement the current political agreement.

‘Improving security in Mali would boost the implementation of the current political agreement in place’ she said.


Regarding the application of the Kingdom of Morocco for membership of ECOWAS, the Vice President noted that several issues would have to be agreed upon to ensure that both parties involved are in agreement with the terms and conditions of its membership.

However, she highlighted that cultural integration between the Maghreb (North West Africa) and West Africa would be necessary for this initiative. She therefore sought the EU’s assistance in facilitating student exchange programmes to achieve this.

Also in attendance at the meeting were representatives from the ECOWAS Commissions’ Directorates of Political Affairs, Early Warning and Peacekeeping and Regional Security.

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